During this surreal season of us spending so much more time in our homes, I would like to share the messages I have received from my Kitty parents about the joys, positive effects and special moments the Uzuri kittens have brought to their owners during this lock down period. I was so blessed and touched by them.

Amelia wrote:

Dorie has been a very good companion. Sits on the edge of the bath while I bath, comes to bed at bedtime and spreads out across 90% of the bed the whole night. And when I go and take the rubbish out she is always sat at the front door and starts shouting at me the moment I get back questioning where I have been and how I could possibly have left her! 

She has also become very good at hide and seek!  We started playing downstairs around the sofa. But now once we have started playing (she knows as soon as i crouch down behind a chair and look at her its game time) she has even found me when I have run upstairs and hid behind the bed or the curtain! She actually pounced on me once when I was hidden behind the curtain! 🤣

She really is very vocal and playful! And still purrs like a tractor 😅 I don’t know how she will cope when I start going out again after having me at home so much! 

And thank you for her. She really is the most beautiful special child 🌸

Paulene wrote:

Jala is still the disdainful queen of the house but over the last few months has become a lot more generous with her affections. She spends most nights in bed with me and has become a louder purrer but not lessened her drooling 😹. She is still the most fussy eater of any cats I have ever owned but my vet is happy with her weight etc so all ok.

She brought me an unwanted house guest last week….Mr Ratty….very much alive – most of her catches to date have been v dead on presentation but Ratty obviously avoided the fatal bite😹. I gave him an escape route so after 4 days as a lodger it appears he sought freedom! She still loves to play fetch and brings her little foam & feather balls to me in bed at 3 in the morning and appears to be bemused that I am not enthusiastic. She has certainly helped me to be more livelier since my husband died 4 years ago so thanks 😻.

Wendy wrote:

We are so delighted we chose to bring Benson and Myshka home when we did. With lockdown we would have missed that special kitten time otherwise. It has been an absolute joy to be able to spend so much time with them. They kept me company while Andrew was in the UK as lockdown was announced, and we were unsure as to whether he would get back. They so quickly became part of the family and I can’t imagine life without them – their talking, constant purring and lovely soft fur – all great comforts in these strange and uncertain times. Thank you Ellen for our very special fur babies.

Lorna wrote:

Our Uzuri cats Artemis and Danté enjoyed the first few weeks of lock down in their catio and having us at home. Then as it got quieter, the loeries came back into the Thorn trees in the park next to our house, and other birds we haven’t heard before, were singing.  Danté, who we thought was sleeping on my bed, had opened the plantation shutters with his paw, (they are normally latched, but I had just dusted) and snuck out of the window. My husband looked out and said, “Oh, there’s that cat that’s been fighting with our cats……no wait! That’s Danté! He’s supposed to be inside!” 

My daughter and I rushed outside to find him rubbing up on the neighbour’s hedge outside their door. Madison walked over to him and once he realized he’d been caught out, the kitty that normally licks her face and kisses her, hissed as she picked him up! So, now we have added a few extras to their catio to keep them entertained. I think, because it’s so quiet, they think they can walk all over!